Miami Valley Hunt and Polo Club


was founded in 1919 by the Lowe, Mead, Patterson, and Talbott families as a social alternative to traditional area country clubs. Designed with families in mind, the club originally featured polo events (until the 1940’s) and Fourth of July “Field Day” races for children—a tradition to this day. Through The Great Depression, Prohibition and both World Wars, the club’s legacy as a family haven has endured.

Whether it’s spending the lazy days of summer swimming, playing tennis, throwing a Frisbee, or roasting a hot dog, The Miami Valley Hunt and Polo Club is an experience like no other. The Club offers an informal social setting where families gather to play and relax. With year-round events designed for kids and couples, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy. No complicated membership rules or monthly minimums—just an escape from the every day. Come and experience one of the best kept traditions in Dayton.